Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things I learned (or was reminded of ) from my kids:

Warning: Some of it is heavy stuff.

From my youngest son:

Guys really ARE clueless, and doing their very best to understand women:)

The things that people do that hurt us the most, are the most important things to forgive.

When someone takes a risk with their life, we get really mad at them because they forced us to imagine our world without them around. This comes after we are so happy they are still here. Delayed reaction.

It is entirely possible to have a chronic medical condition and remain genuinely cheerful.

A smile is contagious, day after day.

From my oldest son:

When things your spouse does drive you crazy, remember that they also do lots of things you like.

Take life easy and enjoy the small stuff.

No matter how little you have at times, you can still give back.

There are many ways to view anyone, any action, or anything. Be careful not to judge.

There is nothing like a kind heart.

From my daughter:

Pretty girls can be engineers.

It's Ok not to do everything perfectly.

Life is for having a good time.

It's Ok to be a woman and be confident, and very smart.

Go for what you what.


Good food is important.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Hey there, stranger! Glad to see you on Reader this afternoon.

Things I learned from my friend: A new perspective is necessary before making final decisions and/or judgements.

Living in foreign countries is much easier when you have a familiar friend.

Having a friend who's a psychologist when my mother goes through her "freak out" period is priceless. Literally and figuratively. Thanks. :)

Sherri said...

Thanks, Cheri. I miss our coffee times:)

kathleen said...

Awww. Good food IS important.

David said...

Very well put. I wonder what they learned from you?

I'm not sure what I've learned...most of which I've likely forgotten too...the little things are important and fun and fascinating, and it's good to be nice to people.