Friday, March 26, 2010

Things I've learned on this trip


This will be short and and sweet. Well, at least short:)

These are the things I have learned on this trip so far (no certain order of importance):

(1) It is possible to wear one mismatched pair of Smart Wool socks for 9 straight days w/o washing. They will still hold their shape.

(2) No matter how tired I am when I leave my grandchild, I immediately wish I could be back with him. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

(3) Sometimes in life it is simply your (my) turn to sleep on the floor for the night. It doesn't matter how many phone calls your son and his fiancee make to find you a room.

(4) I can actually forget to buy deodorant for days.

(5) Peter and Erin are even MORE considerate than I already knew they were. How many people have met YOU at the airport with a Starbucks coffee in hand for you?

(6) Almost everywhere I go there is a serious snow storm.

(7) The Snow Shoe Lodge isn't such a bad place really.

(8) Margaritas make everything seem manageable, even home renovations (until they wear off). The margaritas, that is.

(9) Having a grandchild has broken my heart wide open again.

(10) Motherhood makes a woman (K) actually more physically beautiful.

(11) FB friends are very important when traveling.

(12) M.J.'s lasagna can taste really, really good especially when M.J.'s is the only place open to get food.

(13) My FB postings are not all that interesting to anyone. Who cares!?! Everyone have another margarita!