Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sadie's litter

Sadie's litter, originally uploaded by minerscreekmum.

Remember these guys and gals? I love the little puppy dog tails hanging in the back of the bench. No, I did not tie them down to get this picture. I did make some strange noises to keep them still. I can just see Candy thinking of jumping. Moose is looking calm and noble. Just thought I would post this for fun.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Must be Crazy

I spend hours "creating" things with beautiful fabrics. When I am not creating I am on Etsy looking at beautiful fabrics. I think I'm crazy. Yup. Crazy. I am not alone though judging by the blogs out there, and the Etsy shops. Sometimes though . . . I think I am losing it, or trying to recapture the days when I would see a lovely little floral fabric and turn it into something for K. She would look like she just stepped out of a storybook . . . little white collars and pretty jumpers. One friend of mine told me she learned how to dress her daughter by checking out what K wore everyday! I even smocked a bubble suit for P when he was a baby- in peach! Those were the days when I would walk Paul to school, run K to preschool, and our Egyptian housekeeper would take Peter for a lazy stroll about Maadi. (Who knew she was taking him to the Kiosk for orange soda and chips at 9 am? I learned that fact when he was about three years old!) Anyway, K had more lacy ankle socks, Laura Ashley blouses, and smocked dresses than she could ever wear. 

Time to walk the dogs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shock and Thaw

Shock part: 
Yes, I am posting two days in a row. This probably means that I am having "human interaction withdrawal" after being with child #3 for a month. It was nice to have a buddy for awhile again. After I posted yesterday I checked 4 times within half an hour to see if there was a comment, like someone was just waiting to send me a message. I don't think so.

Thaw part: 
It is actually a lovely spring day here in the city of the Great White North. The sun is shinning. Green leaves are peaking out on trees and shrubs. It is so easy to walk around the park now that I am not dealing with snow and black ice. Tally doesn't have to walk "carefully" anymore. It is hilarious to see a 55 lb. black lab gently taking baby steps so I don't take a spill on the end of HER leash. Gotta love a dog that will do that. No wonder they use labs for assistance dogs. Oh, and the giant rabbits have turned grey again instead of their winter white. And I do mean GIANT rabbits. 

So that's it. Just had to put some thoughts out on the web this morning.
Have a good day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring has sprung in the sewing loft.

Hello again to my five faithful readers:)

I am going to show you some pictures of what I have been doing. (Need to call K and ask her how to get better photos on my blog.) I feel like running to the store to get hanging baskets and bedding plants galore, but it is too soon here to do that. The neighbors tell us not to consider putting things out to grow and enjoy until after Memorial Day. My solution-  to SEW a flower garden! Wala! I love sewing, and I spend many hours up in my little loft (much like an indoor treehouse) listening to podcasts and sewing away. I lose track of time because I get so involved in my projects. So, look to the right and see some quilt blocks (placed for now on some cream fabric) that will eventually become 10 times more lovely when they are set and quilted, and turned into something special. Really, they look so sweet after they are set and quilted, and become all old fashioned crinkly. Who will get this lovely textile garden to snuggle up in? I have no idea. I sew for the love of it. I am considering selling things on Etsy, but I am not sure. The little blocks are for a doll quilt. Doll quilts are my newest pleasure. They are so sweet, so cute, so little. Sigh.