Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Willard

IMG_2237, originally uploaded by minerscreekmum.

This is Willard. He is a 40-year-old mule, but not just any 40-year-old mule. He has CHARACTER. See those two horses in the background. The reddish one is "Blaze" and Blaze is Willard's best bud. Where Blaze goes, so goes Willard. Don't try to take Blaze out on a ride leaving Willard behind to coast in the sun. No sir. No fence can hold Willard without his best bud. He is coming with Blaze one way or another, through the gate or through the fence. You can decide.

We recently bought this 10 acre property adjacent to our own land. A wrangler friend of ours, Tom, has graciously allowed us to host Willard, Blaze and Lightening on our land. (Looks much better with 2 horses and a mule on the property). They are helping us by grazing off the land. They seem happy to oblige, especially since we throw in a few horse/mule biscuits now and then.


Deb said...

Following in the family tradition with the mule,huh?

David said...

muI've done my part in fixing up the fence so they can wander in peace and safety. Willard tried to make a break for it, but we corraled him back. He's a nice mule, really. A nice addition to the land.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Awww, love your new "family members" - they are too cute!! Wow, you guys are gettin' some land there, ain't cha? Nice to have a win-win with a live-in lawn mower. :)