Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Sunday post 4th of July

It is Sunday. The dogs are washed. D took them to the auto-dog wash. When I asked him how it went he said, "it took a loonie to wash Moose and a toonie to wash Kathleen." LOL. Sorry Kathleen, dad didn't really take you to the dog wash as you are far away in North Carolina. But the image of it all made me laugh. You know he meant to say Tally, our other girl. Hey it isn't every person who gets to have a labrador named for her. It's special.

I have been cleaning. My least favorite thing to do, next to cooking. My priorities go as follows: Dog walking, sewing, gardening, reading, walking for pleasure, walking to Starbucks, and then more dog walking and sewing. Now I may have to add bike riding to the list since I got a new bike yesterday! That was fun. David and I went to the bike store and I tried all kinds of bikes. I brought the one I liked home with me:)

Summer is flying by in C. The weather is dreamy summer lovely. Beautiful flowers everywhere, people up and down our street sitting on porches, flea market every Sunday one block from our house, farmers markets that make me want to run out and buy 40 acres to grow my own everything . . . in between sewing and dog walking.


David said...

In my defense re the name confusion ... well, I don't have any I guess. But, for those down south, a loonie is a $1 Canadian coin and a toonie is a $2 Canadian coin. The loonie is so named because there is a loon on the back.

kathleen said...