Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shock and Thaw

Shock part: 
Yes, I am posting two days in a row. This probably means that I am having "human interaction withdrawal" after being with child #3 for a month. It was nice to have a buddy for awhile again. After I posted yesterday I checked 4 times within half an hour to see if there was a comment, like someone was just waiting to send me a message. I don't think so.

Thaw part: 
It is actually a lovely spring day here in the city of the Great White North. The sun is shinning. Green leaves are peaking out on trees and shrubs. It is so easy to walk around the park now that I am not dealing with snow and black ice. Tally doesn't have to walk "carefully" anymore. It is hilarious to see a 55 lb. black lab gently taking baby steps so I don't take a spill on the end of HER leash. Gotta love a dog that will do that. No wonder they use labs for assistance dogs. Oh, and the giant rabbits have turned grey again instead of their winter white. And I do mean GIANT rabbits. 

So that's it. Just had to put some thoughts out on the web this morning.
Have a good day.


David said...

Spring is finally here, and I'm just as glad. I can run in the sunshine, even if it's 6am. Enjoy the sewing.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Mike and I actually (better sit down) GARDENED last week! I hope to post photos on my blog soon. Jason headed up the project based on my "Wish List" of things to get done. It's still not quite finished but it was actually quite satisfying to be out there, 4 days straight, pulling riverstone out of the beds (it was covering a drain), buy plants, trim hedges, etc. Mike actually took off vacation for the "big dig" - bless him, he and Jason moved 4 tons of ledgestone and flagstone, one piece at a time...he's worn out for sure.

Found this place in Brookshire that reminds me SO MUCH of Garson Farms in Esher.