Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something new

I am taking ice skating lessons. Yes, you got it. At 52 fine years of age I am taking on the ice. I had my first lesson on Monday at the Olympic Oval, University of Calgary. It was so much fun! My teacher is a student who is trying to pay his way through school. He is full of energy and encouragement. I welcome a new way to burn up the calories and have some fun learning a new skill at the same time. 

Speaking of winter sports . . . David and I had an amazing day of skiing last Friday. Perfect ski conditions, amazing views of the Canadian Rockies, and good fun speeding down the slopes. Sorry we didn't have good weather for it when the kids were here. K would have worn out her wide angle lens! 

Next lesson at the oval is today:) Curtis, my instructor, says he will have me flying around the ice in no time. Hooray for Curtis and his youthful enthusiasm!


kathleen said...

Yay! That sounds like fun. What does one wear to ice skating lessons?

Sherri said...

Well, just something comfortable. It isn't too cold because they keep the ice cold from underneath. Fun.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

How fun is THAT?? We used to take the kids to the Galleria on Christmas Eve (I know, glutton for parking punishment) every year so they could ice skate and I'd always look wistfully at all those skaters wishing I could do that. Who knew they gave lessons (except for Olympic hopefuls which I definitely was NOT)?

Did you take the photos or did Kathleen (on your blog sidebar)? They are good! I'm glad you have BOTH your doggies with you (although I know who your real baby is...)

Sherri said...

I took the side bar pics.

Moose is actually living with Peter in Colorado. Tally was a little "put out" at first when Moose turned up here for Christmas:) Can't believe Moose will soon be 10 years old.