Sunday, November 23, 2008

The expedition

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I decided we needed an outing to get "merchandise" for our basement. You see, the kids are all coming home for Christmas.  We want to have the basement of our new (old) house ready to handle all the fun and X-box coming our way. Now, I don't play X-box (can't keep the cars on the road or handle all that shooting stuff) but I sure think it would be fun having it in the BASEMENT rather than in the little family room on the main floor! I can just hear all those "whoops and hollers" echoing from DEEP in the ground, even now:) My husband, realizing this to be a window of opportunity to get me to the store that sells flat screen TVs, was ready to go. But first we stopped at the big yellow and blue store that sells you meatballs so you will have strength enough to make it through their maze of merchandise. We needed cheap book shelves. That took over 2 hours. Then we hit the other blue and yellow store. You know, the one where men stand before giant flat screen TVs as though they are worshiping the god of all technology. You may speak . . . but they don't answer. They just stand there as though they have been hit by a laser gun. Occasionally there will be a straggling survivor walking out of the store, followed by a sales clerk pushing a trolly with a giant box wedged on it. The look on the survivor's face at that point resembles Moses after he saw the Burning Bush. Nothing matters. Nothing, except getting that massive flat box in the car and taking it home. One guy had his car pulled up to the curb and was having two clerks strip away all the cardboard boxing so that the TV would fit. in. the car.  In the end the expedition was hard on both of us. The choice is always hard. After what seemed to me like one of Dante's circles of hell, we had the item in the car. Back to the other blue and yellow store for the stand? I don't think so. Window of opportunity just closed.

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kpapa said...

Mwahahahaha, Dante's circle of hell. At least you got some meatballs, though! (Oh, and a TV).