Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog think

After I sent my new blog address to a few friends one person asked me . . . what is the attraction for blogging? So I started thinking the question over while I was out for a long walk in the snow with Tally yesterday. I mean, it does seem a little bit strange to be putting your thoughts "out there" on the web. I think part of the answer is because I am so far away from my friends and family. Not uncommon as things go. So blogging is a great way to "check in" each day or so with each other. I know my kids write things on their blogs about their daily events that they would probably not go into much detail about in a phone call, or write over and over again in individual emails. They write funny things that make me laugh or more serious things that make me proud of the adults they have become. I can imagine how they would tell the stories that I find on their blogs and how they would sound while telling them. I also follow blogs of some of my friends that I would probably lose track of otherwise. I love seeing pictures of their grandchildren! I love hearing their stories that I previously got to hear over a cup of coffee when we lived in the same locations on the expat trail.  

The second reason that I came up with is that blogging makes me write. I used to enjoy writing many years ago. Recently another lifetime friend asked me if I still write. The answer was "no, not really" and that is when I realized that I miss writing. The third reason is that it makes me start to think, be more observant about things, just the things around me everyday. I find myself thinking "oh, I want to take a picture of that so I can post it". This gets me to use my new camera more. A good thing. (I am kind of intimidated by my new camera.) I call this process "blog think" and have noticed that since I got my blog address going "blog think" happens quite often.  I imagine "blog think" diminishes with time, but still . . . all in all blogging seems a positive thing. Hey, one of my kids chastised me yesterday because I didn't post! What a thought! He is actually reading my blog! Wow! Though same offspring will probably be disappointed with this post since it is on the serious side:) 


Deb said... I kind of get it. Who knows maybe I'll join in soon!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

As one of the friends whom you used to meet for coffee - and has grandchildren - I totally relate to the blogging life. It started for the kids as a way of keeping us up to speed on the nextGen but has mushroomed into so much more. Jennifer even "slurps" her blog into Blurb and has a book made annually. It's a scrapbook of her boy's childhood - oh to have had that when mine were small. So many details lost in the excess of life's details. Megan was the first one to turn a year's posts into a book and I am so glad they have a way of chronicalling these important/funny observations about family.

You go girl! I just can't believe I didn't know about your blog until today.