Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Days and Wedding Days

It's snowing. I love being in Colorado when the first snows of winter fall. Somehow that is one of the feelings I've retained since childhood. I think it's a little bit sad how some adults don't like snow. It's like they've lost something. I do understand how bad it can be if you are struggling through traffic or trying to get a child to daycare. It can be a bother for sure. But, surely there is still that little flicker of awe when you first see the flakes:) If you don't care for snow, dogs, or small children I secretly wonder if you are truly a happy person:)
The second part of this blog title is "Wedding Days" so I will move on. Peter and Erin have just married. As I write they are on a plane returning from their honeymoon. It was a beautiful wedding. Erin looked amazing. Peter was the handsome groom anticipating his bride. Good friends and family came to be with us and witness Peter and Erin's love for each other. Our daughter and son-in-law came with our beautiful grandson. He had a million smiles to give out at the wedding. It was a great day. There is one line that I keep thinking about that the marriage officiant said, "let these young hands that reach out to the other today be the same hands that reach out to the other when they are old and wrinkled." At the time I thought, "yes, please God let that be so." The marriage in the younger years is so different than the marriage of the later years. But time and time again the same hands reach out. D and I have been together so long now that I have to put a little effort into remembering when we were not together. Because of the situation of our lives we spend a great deal of time apart but it never changes the same hands reaching out when we are together. We look back now on the younger years, the many moves, the raising of our children, and we cherish what we have today (especially the amazing blessing of our little grandson who lights up our lives). Thank you so much K and D for the greatest gift to any parents, and for being so generous in sharing him.
We have one more adult child to find those hands that will always reach out to comfort and hold him. We will be there to witness that happiness when it happens. Life seems full of treasures still to be discovered.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours - you are, for wont of a better word, very content! :) Life can offer plenty of roadblocks but it's those seemingly simple things that make the journey so worth while - the snow (yes, I love it too), friends and family rejoicing when we rejoice, the caress and smile of a grandchild, quilts - oh yes, QUILTS!! I'm glad you got your snow before you leave - magic finds us at the time we need it most, giving us that boost we need to go that next mile. Happy journey to you - hopefully we'll see each other again much sooner than this last interval! :)

Sherri said...

I'm treating each last day here as a treasure. I love this place. It is the Biblical "balm of Gilead" for me:) My heart breaks when I leave here but I will always come back! You need to come here sometime.

David said...

This is very good; very well and tenderly put. I share the sentiments and the life involved too.